We are an online store with an edited selection of forward thinking skincare from South Korea. 

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    To us, wellness is a holistic concept. It necessitates both physical and emotional wellbeing and helps us to overcome life’s numerous obstacles to our ideal selves and skin, be it busy schedules, hormonal outbreaks, bad food days or environmental stressors. 

    It’s a truth universally assumed that perfect skin is an indicator of good health. However, Korean women understand that a twice-daily skincare routine is not only a process by which we physically nurture our skin with salves and waters, but one of a number of acts of discipline that make up a healthy lifestyle.

    Our store is configured to help you build a quick but effective daily regime that can be fit into even the busiest of schedules to nurture luminous, healthy skin. 


    KoBeau  is  powered  by
    business and industry professionals

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    We are observers, thinkers and writers that critically consider each product selected for Ko/Beau in terms of its ingredients, efficacy and philosophy, as well as its place in one’s skin care routine and daily lifestyle.  

    Beyond cosmetics, we are dedicated to our philosophy that rigorous skincare must also deal with the broader health of our bodies and minds. In our blog, Thoughts, we write about discoveries and lessons on all aspects of self care, in addition to features on our products. 


    We are a boutique apothecary
    with strong values


    We work hard to ensure that all products we stock: 

    - are cruelty free;

    - do not contain parabens; and

    - are indicated as vegan or vegetarian where relevant to allow for informed consumption by our customers.