Soon Jung Dry Capsule Sheets

Soon Jung Dry Capsule Sheets



These convenient mask capsules allow you to create a customised sheet mask at any time. Designed to be used with existing products in your skincare regime, add your preferred toner or essence to a capsule and watch the compressed tablet within expand to a full-sized sheet mask. Further customise your mask by using a cocktail of toners, essences and serums to target a particular skin concern. Aids increased absorption of products. Perfect for dry, tired or sensitive skin types. 

Each package contains five single-use sheet mask capsules. 

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To use

Open capsule. Take a toner, essence or beauty water of your choice and pour into the capsule until the sheet mask is thoroughly soaked. Remove sheet mask from capsule, unfold, and place onto face. Layer on further product if desired. Relax for 5-10 minutes. Remove sheet mask from face while the mask is still damp and discard. 

Works wonderfully with Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence to give a hydrating boost to any skin type.







100% cotton